Relocating to Scotland?

Relocating to Scotland?

Helping you find new horizons

We’ll help make a career move to Scotland a resounding success

Our Consultants will ensure that a relocation to Scotland is as seamless as it is rewarding.


Whatever the background, profession or career level, we have the knowledge and experience to help manage any career move to this country, and make it a success. So whether you are an expat coming home, or moving to Scotland for the first time, our proven success with international and relocating UK clients will ensure that your career move to Scotland gets off to the right start.

Partner relocation 

Ex-pat relocation

Are you moving with your partner to Scotland? Do you need to re-establish your career? recognise that for a relocation to work well, the careers of both partners need to stay on track. So our consultants can help your partner, with a personally tailored programme to ensure that they receive the support and practical help that they need.

Whether you are an expat coming home to Scotland, or you’re a UK resident relocating to the North for the first time, our successful track record with international relocations will give you the advantage. Whatever your background, profession or the stage you are at in your career, we have the knowledge and experience to help manage your career move.

Edinburgh University Partner Career Transition Programme

The University of Edinburgh are at the forefront of attracting international talent to Scotland., as an expert career transition consultancy, are delighted to provide a highly successful service to help support the partners of incoming University employees. This innovative programme recognises the importance of ensuring that both parties are fully considered and supported in the move, to effect a successful hire.


To date, we have worked with clients from five continents. We’ve helped them not only to move existing careers to Scotland, but also research and start entirely different new futures.

What makes different?

We genuinely understand how difficult it is to uproot your life and start again. Our local knowledge and extensive network is at your disposal as well as a listening ear when you need it.

"I enjoy the programme very much. It gave structure to my first months in Edinburgh and helped me to stay focussed. My consultant found the right pace that fitted my life here and was always approachable. I felt that I could ask her anything and she will stay open, non-judgemental and will always give an advice to my benefit."

IA, Administrator (Russia).

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