Are You An Ex-pat Coming Home?

Are You An Ex-pat Coming Home?

Let us establish your exciting new career in Scotland

Bring your career home with the advantage

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Whether you are still thinking about coming back, or have arrived in the UK, our personalised programmes will help you maximise your international experience in a Scottish career context. Having worked with people from all round the world, we truly understand the challenges ahead and already have solutions that will help you.


From deciding if your current career in still viable, to launching into a completely new direction, we will work with you to create feasible local options and set you on the road to success.


Don’t just take our word for it - read the success stories of other expats who have experienced the advantage.

If you are able to continue your existing career we will make sure you know how to access all of the best opportunities and get ahead of the competition.


For those looking to start afresh we can help you to maximise your experience, identify new paths and start your exciting new future. Our experienced consultants will give you the type of comprehensive support you need, from helping you refine your CV, to finding the right organisation for you.


No matter where you are at the moment, we’d be delighted to help you return to Scotland and a bright new future. So drop us an email and we’ll arrange a good time to get in touch with you via email or skype.

" is an outstanding organisation. Their advice and feedback were instrumental in my transition to the UK, complete with practical tips and a permanent academic position. Claire’s insightful analysis and thoughtful approach to helping clients get the best out of themselves are priceless!"

L Chollete, Associate Professor (Norway)

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