Successfully Handling Change

Successfully Handling Change

Building resilience and confidence

Whatever change your organisation is undergoing, we will help your staff and managers adapt successfully

Helping your staff cope with change

In a rapidly-changing working environment, both staff and managers need to have the skills to be able to cope. can help grow staff confidence in their own abilities and those of others.


We have developed a range of short programmes for both managers and staff, designed to develop coping strategies, and build both resilience and confidence.

For Managers

We work closely with managers to help them handle and cope with fast-changing environments. This can be delivered through discrete coaching sessions, or small group seminars offering change resilience techniques and utilising theoretical change models. Our coaching provides practical approaches to help when coping successfully in a change situation.

We support staff facing redeployment or long-term change through a range of team and individual sessions designed to enhance their techniques for coping with change, to explore and allay fears, build resilience and increase self-confidence.


To help fully prepare staff for an internal recruitment process during a restructure we are also able to offer our innovative “Promote Yourself” programme.

For Staff

""...evident that our staff would welcome additional support to help them through the transition. We asked to design and deliver a series of change workshops and follow up 1:1 consultations.Feedback received confirmed that these sessions were invaluable and participants really appreciated the support, understanding and insights the consultants were able to bring to all the events. I particularly valued the professionalism and flexibility of their approach in meeting our specific requirements and tight timeframes. As a result I would have no hesitation in highly recommending change support to organisations going through restructuring.”

David Millar, Chief Fire Officer

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